Safety, Support, Stabilization, Practice 3

Practice 3: Breathe, soften, drop out of your thinking brain as much as you can.

Gently feel into yourself and feel or imagine the part of you that is young and afraid.

As if you are that young, afraid self, reach out and grab your own hand, feeling or pretending that it is the hand of a beloved parent, grandparent, teacher, guide, or even the hand of the Divine Mother herself.

Holding their hand tightly, let yourself hear the words from this loving, protective one: “I am here to be with you, to help you, to protect you, to love you, and to teach you.”

Feel or imagine the impact of that inside yourself: “She or he has come to help me, to protect me, to be with me, to teach me, and to love me.” Pause and let that resonate through your body and energy.

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