Generic Spiritual Practice

Generic Spiritual Practice

Breathe, slow down, and connect with your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Remember that you are not alone.

You are connected with a community of spiritual humans and you are connected with a community of sacred divine beings. If your belief system allows for it,

you are supported by your wise ancestors who have your back.

Remember that you are not alone.

Remember that you are beloved.

You were born into love, you were blessed with grace.

There is grace, kindness and forgiveness for you, at the end of your life and now.

Remember that you are beloved.

Remember that there is purpose, meaning, and truth beyond what we can see.

Remember that our hope, our faith and our prayer become powerful

as they are joined together in love.

Our single voices, our individual hearts join

with a cosmic voice of love and comfort.

Remember who you are.

You are a blessed and chosen being.

Your life has a purpose, even if it is simply that of perseverance in faith and hope.

If your belief system allows for it, you are a being of Light.

Remember who you are.

Breathe. Connect. Remember.

Acknowledging the Difficulty, part 2

Acknowledging the Difficulty, part 2

As I allow myself to realize the depth of my distress, something actually gets quieter.

There is a frantic scurrying, an urgent campaign of subterfuge, “Don’t let her know what is really going on down here!” that is put to rest when at some level I can simply know and accept that the distress and horror are there.

Unexpected relief just in the acknowledgement.

It may be true that the cover-up is worse than whatever terror or horror has been hidden.

Surrender can hold anything.

Grace can hold anything.

The Earth can hold anything and everything.

The Universe can hold anything and everything.

There is nothing that needs to remain hidden.

At a pace that is safe, may all be known, inside and outside of me.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Solstice!

Happy Holidays!

May you remember who you are.

May you remember that you are beloved.

May you find a firm connection to your courage, your grace, your gratitude, and your peace. Even when chaos rains and reigns within and without.

Resilient Rosalie Rebooted // No cost Discovery Call //  New Class Soon

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Where I’ve Been

Hello, Friends and Fellow Travelers,
Oh, my goodness, life has been a wild ride!

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Slowing in the Intensity

Self Practice Supports Us!

When there is intensity in my body
(or even when there isn’t):

“I am slowing down.
I am noticing my breath.
I am feeling my feet.
I am simply making space for whatever is in this body
right now that wants to be felt.”

“I am open to less constriction and contraction.
I am open to a greater flow of life force energy,
blood, lymph, nervous system information
and connection throughout my body.”

“I am willing to feel and hold discomfort in the process of softening, opening, and moving toward healing.”

I am open to the possibility

Self Practice Supports Us!

Try this:

“I am open to the possibility that what I want so much but feels so daunting can actually happen, not necessarily exactly how I might have imagined it happening.

I invite all the layers of my body and mind to soften toward that possibility.”

You are forgiven for the things you do to manage your anxiety and overwhelm

Self Practice Supports Us!

You are forgiven for the things you do to manage your anxiety and overwhelm.

Can you slow down and allow that compassion and forgiveness?

Forgiveness and compassion actually make it more possible to not indulge in our addictions and compulsions.

Because when we feel shame and guilt, it ramps up the very pressure that drives us toward our addictions.

Compassion facilitates breath, space, and room to be, which allow for more capacity to make choices that help us.

You are loved. You are forgiven. You are important.


Self Practice Supports Us!

Due to remnants of past trauma,

my body feels that something is terribly wrong.

I look around my life to find the threat.

Circumstances feel like Problems.

Challenges feel like Emergencies.

I am learning to disbelieve my feelings of threat in the absence of compelling evidence.

I am open to experience:

“Everything is OK Enough”

Space to Just Be

Self Practice Supports Us!

I need space to be, to just be, where I am not receiving messages from others telling me that I’m wrong about what I feel, or wrong about what I need, or wrong about what I know about myself, or just generally wrong.

It is difficult enough to clear the internal messages on that channel, without reinforcement of those destructive messages from those around us.

It is ok to deliberately look for those safe spaces and to deliberately avoid places and people who give us invalidating messages.

This is not about denying my/our need for continued insight, growth and improvement. It’s about creating the space that makes those improvements possible.