I am who also

“I am who also”

Many of us maintain a useless and draining internal debate, “Am I a superhero or am I a failure?”

There is always evidence for each!

I invite you to complete this phrase:
“I am a (positive adjective) (role or identity) who also struggles with (one of your key struggles.)”

For me: “I am a gifted teacher who also struggles with shame and terror.

“Repeat your phrase out loud. Feel the truth of this throughout your body and your energy.T

here is plenty of space for our superpowers and our struggles and limitations. We are amazing and human.

The Great Mother

Self Practice Supports Us

In one of those moments when I notice that my shoulders just dropped – even though I hadn’t realized again that they were up by my ears, I imagine and feel the hands of
Mother God,
the Divine Mother,
the great Goddess,
on those shoulders. I hear her say to me,
“Hey, you are doing ok, Beautiful!
Remember that I’ve got your back and I love you.”

It’s ok that I feel emotional pain

Self Practice Supports Us

It’s ok that I feel emotional pain.

Ultimately the feelings and pain are not real.

This fear and despair that I feel is not who I am.

I do not try to make the pain go away. There is room here for whatever part of me feels pain.

I notice the earth holding me, the sun blessing me, the wind stroking me, the rain kissing me.

I stroke my own hair, touch my own face, caress my own skin, offering tenderness to whomever is underneath the fear.

I invite my body to notice that I am not dying, I am not exploding, and I am not disappearing.

I am alive. I am here.

I am ok even when I do not feel ok.


Self Practice Supports Us

We are always being programmed, so let’s program ourselves well.

Repeat after me if you will: “You Are Love, I Am Love”


Self Practice Supports Us

I want to have greater patience, forgiveness and kindness for others.

To have that, I need to have greater patience, forgiveness and kindness for myself. I forgive myself for being so far from perfect. I forgive myself for not being able to complete my To Do list tasks. I forgive myself for feeling so heavy about all of it. As an act of kindness, I sang to myself in the shower today, even though some part of me felt like I didn’t want to sing. It felt good. For what do you forgive yourself? What kindness will you offer yourself today?

The world welcomes me

Self Practice Supports Us

The world welcomes me as I am, for who I am, and supports me making my way at my own pace.
I soften, and I open to notice the support more and to be less eager to perceive rejection.