The world welcomes me

Self Practice Supports Us

The world welcomes me as I am, for who I am, and supports me making my way at my own pace.
I soften, and I open to notice the support more and to be less eager to perceive rejection.

Yes to our Superpowers! Yes to seeing our struggles!

I hope that you are doing well.

Here is my long-awaited newsletter. I was delayed a bit because I have accepted some temporary work in my previous field, that I am doing alongside my continually growing coaching practice. In this transition, I am seeking the right balance in my weekly schedule.

All of which is awesome for a few different reasons, but that is a topic for another newsletter. Here’s what I want to share about today: I had an illuminating experience yesterday that was a real-time illustration of what unresolved developmental trauma does to us – or in us – all the time.

Developmental trauma interferes with and fundamentally changes your relationship with your needs and feelings. And since your feelings are your organic built-in GPS for your life, both from moment to moment and in terms of the big picture, this disruption in your relationship with your feelings also interferes with the direction of your life in uncountable ways.

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