Walk the path of developmental trauma healing and personal growth with Rosalie as a guide. Powerful somatic healing work over Zoom or locally in Baltimore, using Somatic Experiencing, Voice Dialogue, Emotional Embodiment and other transformational healing tools.

From Overwhelm to Resilience
Cultivating Ease, Balance and Joy

Somatic Healing through Transformational Coaching with Rosalie Corame

Rosalie is truly gifted with intuition and empathy, and skilled in guiding me to where my energies were stuck or needing attention. She helped me to inhabit and listen to my body, letting it point the way to what needed clearing on the mental and spiritual levels as well. Being an energy worker myself, I found her coaching provided something I didn’t realize was missing from the healing work I’ve already done. I really felt some things come to completion under her guidance. – LH, Ohio

Do you have trouble just feeling ok?

Here are some of the problems that my clients have reported:
– feeling they don’t have worth
– a vague sense of fear, dread, shame or confusion
– difficulty connecting with others
– missing out on deep connections

These are all common struggles that can result from the experience of developmental trauma.

When we experience significant threat, loss, or lack of secure connection in our earliest experiences in life or even during our birth, we develop life-long patterns of upset, emotional distance, confusion, or just never quite feeling right in ourselves.

Even as tiny babies, we come up with creative ways to survive our unpleasant or intolerable emotional experiences, and these protective and contracting survival strategies can persist indefinitely, keeping our current and childhood pain at a distance and keeping our core vitality at a distance as well.

It is possible to change these patterns but it doesn’t happen automatically, no matter how much time passes.

What can you gain from Developmental Trauma Healing with Rosalie?

Learn to connect more and communicate better with your body

Learn to be aware of and tolerate difficult emotions and feelings and thus to feel more fully alive

Learn to connect to others with both softness and safety

Learn how to invite your good feelings to feel bigger

Working with Rosalie was transformational. Her ability to hold space for deep emotions and facilitate processing in a way that feels totally natural is very unique. I felt completely comfortable with her and explored new ways of paying attention to my body to gleam valuable personal insights! Highly recommend this professional! – CC, Los Angeles

Rosalie is a wonderful coach. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is warm and compassionate, but she doesn’t shy away from tough issues or hard questions. Working with her is like having a mirror held up to you so that you can see things about yourself that you never saw before. I was surprised by the amount of knowledge I gained about myself as a result of working with Rosalie. I am a pretty introspective person, but she helped me observe aspects of my personality and my behaviors that I didn’t see – and honestly, it probably would have taken me a really long time to get there on my own. I am grateful for the ways she encouraged me to grow, and her reminders to slow down and sit with the things I was feeling and experiencing. I am definitely better for having worked with her. – EP, Florida

Through working gently with your body, your emotions, and your passion, you can unlock:

A greater sense of hope

Connection to your body and emotions

A sense of your place in the world

A feeling of belonging

A greater feeling of aliveness

Relief from trauma

Grounded self-acceptance

Greater flexibility and freedom

A softening

Using tools from Somatic Experiencing, Integral Somatic Psychology, Voice Dialogue and NARM, Rosalie can support and guide you through a powerful process of personal growth, transformation and healing.

Click here to sit down with Rosalie and talk about your challenges, your vision, and whether Transformational Coaching with Rosalie is a good fit for you:

If you choose to embark on a journey of transformational coaching with me, we will meet over Zoom for a series of 4 or 6 sessions that last a full hour each. The guiding light for the sessions will be the changes that you would like to see in your life, inside and out.

The format for the sessions:

We greet each other, breathe, and settle into present time and space. This is not a drawn out process, it could be just a minute, but it is clear and intentional. This intentional process of coming into the present helps avoid us spinning off into ungrounded mental chatter and it also evokes an energetic connection between us that supports the work that you will do within the session. Connecting to the present moment connects us to each of our higher selves. And doing that automatically invites and evokes other supportive energies or beings to be present with and for us in the work.

I ask you what your intention is for the session; that is, what is the change or accomplishment that you are looking for in your life. This could be big or small, concrete or ephemeral, clear or uncertain. We will start with what you know about what you want, which could be as simple as wanting to feel less distress and more ease in your life.

We follow what shows up.

If you come into the session bubbling with excitement or finding yourself in tears, then we will visit with that emotion, locating it in your body, possibly expanding it so that it has space to be fully felt, inviting any information or insights that the emotion brings. And sometimes a pleasant emotion spontaneously arises out of the space of an uncomfortable emotion or vice versa. We might spend a lot of time on one emotional experience, or we might visit several different emotional locales.

If you come into the session with a clear goal, we will explore what attaining the goal would bring and what is obstructing progress toward that goal. The exploration will be both cognitive and somatic, and the balance of cognitive vs somatic work will depend on your preference, your level of access to your physical and emotional experience, and where the strongest blocks seem to be located.

We may spend time attending to your experience of fear or lack of safety in connecting with other people, include me, or your experience of feeling safe, connected, and hopeful.

We will pause on anything delightful or any victories you have celebrated, to notice and savor the experience of feeling good, inviting those qualities to take up more space in your awareness.

I may offer guided imagery or physical metaphors that represent challenges or situations you are dealing with.

We may talk about or talk to some of the many different “parts” of you that play roles in the situations in your life, acting as allies or adversaries, or perhaps creating drama or confusion.

We might laugh out loud. We might sit in silence. There is a potency just in the emotional and energetic space that surrounds us, and sometimes that potency will lead.

There are a lot of possible activities or approaches on the menu. Whatever we do will be informed by your goals and intentions and will be grounded in your authentic experience.

After four or six sessions, we will spend a part of the session reviewing your experience and your sense of progress from the sessions to that point. You might decide that your work is complete because you have accomplished enough of what you were looking for. You might decide that your work is complete because you want to continue doing work toward the same goals but in a different venue. Or you might decide that you want to continue to do additional work with me. In that case, we will talk about what your long- and short-term goals are and can decide how frequently to meet and how many sessions to plan on before our next progress review.

My session rate is a sliding scale from $250 to $150 per sixty minute session.

Rosalie was very attuned to my body language and I felt she could read me. Her sensory approach was very helpful. I was able to reconnect to some powerful feelings. I had slipped back into accepting an old pattern which was blocking me and she was able, through visualization, to make me aware, allowing me to get some perspective and take action. Her ability to share a personal anecdote gave me more understanding and empathy with regards to my own situation. – CP, France

Why Rosalie? Here’s why:

I have had significant trauma starting from before I was born. About 30 years ago I started participating in various potent transformational workshops, as a participant, as a staff assistant, and as a workshop leader. I didn’t know that the problems I had were related to trauma and to attachment issues. I didn’t know the language of the nervous system and of trauma. But I knew that I struggled mightily that these technologies were helping me.

More recently I have learned about the language of the nervous system and of trauma. I have studied Somatic Experiencing®, NeuroAffective Relational Model® (NARM®), Integral Somatic Psychology™, ShadowWork® and Voice Dialogue.

I have also seen a lot of things not work. I have seen myself and others shamed or blamed when we had a different experience than expected and felt worse instead of better. I have seen people labeled as “resistant” when they weren’t having the “right” outcomes if the process didn’t resonate or didn’t feel safe for them.

I know what developmental trauma feels like from the inside, and I have been studying from the inside the effects of various systems of embodiment, connection, and self-discovery on a nervous system that was defined by developmental trauma.

I know how to comfortably and confidently support people who have experienced developmental trauma exactly where they are, and support them in gently moving toward greater aliveness, greater comfort, and greater connection.

I’m passionate about the road to relative peace and ease NOT taking other people the 30 years that it took me!

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