Calm Disbelief

Somatic Personal Practice

Permission for Calm; Disbelieve the Desperation

You have permission to calmly and matter of factly know who you are, what you want, what you need, and what is challenging for you in your current circumstances.

It is possible to engage gently with that knowledge without overwhelm or desperation.

In present time, even when things are very difficult, we are not trapped, stuck, controlled and limited in the same way we were when we were young children.

Those feelings of overwhelm, urgency and despair are from the past and are not conveying the truth about the present.

But when we believe the feelings, we then engage in ways that make the age-old problems come to life again. So I call on each of us to bravely disbelieve those old feelings.

There are so many feeling-oriented beliefs that I need to practice gently disbelieving.

One is that “Nobody wants to hear from me” or “Nobody wants to hear from me unless what I am bringing is exquisite, with no flaws, gaps or mistakes, and not asking anything for myself.”

I’m working on some resources for disbelieving old feelings. But I don’t know when they will be available, “so I guess nobody wants to hear about that either.”

The magnetic pull of these old beliefs is SO STRONG.

I know that some people actually love hearing what I have to say.
And I am open to discovering that I am welcome even when what I say is disjointed or confusing.

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