Why Somatic Work

Somatic Personal Practice

Why Somatic Work?

Have you ever had the experience where someone you feel safe with gently touches your shoulder and you find yourself dropping your shoulders and taking a sponteous deep breath and becoming more relaxed? That’s just one example that shows us that our bodies hold tension and that the level of tension in our bodies can be affected by contact and connection.

But our bodies don’t just hold tension, they hold grief, longing, hope, pain, all kinds of things.

And the stuff that is held in our bodies is being actively held back from expression – unconsciously by mechanisms in our bodies – held in such a way that in many cases we don’t even feel what is there.

Somatic healing work is meant to bring us into contact with our bodies and with what is held in our bodies so our feelings, our lives and our bodies themselves can become more free, so we can develop innate permission to feel and to be.

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