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There is something in my life that bothers me, hurts me, or destabilizes me when I encounter it. I will call it my trigger situation. [Many of us have several big ones.]

I soften and open to the understanding that the emotional pain I feel in my trigger situation is mostly not about my trigger situation and not about present time.

I recognize that I have resources and support that I did not have in the past.

Connected to my heart, my roots, my belly, and my third eye,

I gently turn and look at my trigger situation straight on, inviting my body to recognize that I can feel this pain and remain standing.

I breathe and know that I will be ok.

Whatever the helplessness, terror, overwhelm, pain, rage, grief or loneliness, I can hold the feelings because I know that they are not telling me the truth about me and my life, even though they always seem to have a compelling argument.

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