Somatic Personal Practice

I invite my body to remember and feel the love and support that my partner* holds for me, even when what I seem to be receiving from them now is either distress or distance.

I invite my body to remember the love and support that I hold for my partner*, even when I am feeling wrung out and agitated or spaced out and lost.

I invite my body to remember that my partner* and I are together held and loved by communities, energies and entities larger than ourselves, visible and invisible. I invite myself to lean into that holding and support. I invite myself to no longer believe that I or we are in this alone, even when it feels that way.

I slow down.

I breathe.

I remember that I am held.

I remember that we are held.

I remember that most things that feel like emergencies are not emergencies.

I invite softening, gentleness, even perhaps the smallest of smiles.

*or child, parent, friend, sibling, or other beloved person or animal.

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