When you have challenges relating to other humans that cause intense emotional reactions in you, one important key to making progress is to work gently within yourself.

Focus on your own experience of the relationship challenge, connecting with whatever resource and support you are able to comfortably connect with, inside and outside yourself.

Let yourself be aware of your body and energy with curiosity, without diving deep into any places of discomfort.

And in that place of some connection with support and some connection with your body, from a place of relative calm and neutrality, you might invite yourself to become aware of anything you need to know or notice. And gently be with what comes.

Your struggles in connecting with others may hold important clues for you and may provide the key to working inside yourself. But we identify those important clues through maintaining some neutral distance from the struggles and letting our curiosity

invite to our attention just what is relevant or useful in the moment, through insight rather than through urgency.

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