Somatic Personal Practice

Boundaries don’t start with the limits you set

Boundaries start with the realization inside your body – one that might feel quite alien – that you have the right to decide who and what to have close to you and who and what to keep at a distance. You have the right to feelings and preferences about who is close or far away. Likes and dislikes. Wants and “don’t wants”.

This is not just about physical space. You have the right to decide whose emotions you want to allow into your emotional space, and whose ideas and energies you want around you.

Right now, I invite you to notice whatever there is to notice in your body and energy as you consider these concepts.

As we realize we have the right to manage our space, we can look for role models or inner clues for how to feel what we want and how to create these inner and outer boundaries in a good way.

“I am the sovereign of my physical and emotional space.”

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