Alpha testers wanted – be the first to see my new stuff!

Happy June!

Here in Maryland and surrounding states we are being serenaded by the chorus of cicadas that make a visitation every 17 years. I find it a rather pleasant background song.

I have an important update and a request for volunteers.

I am working on a self-led course, designed to be done as a weekend retreat. The course will include video segments, audio exercises, written exercises and other activities.

The intent is that the program will help folks clarify their goals and obstacles, and help them identify practices which will allow them to shift the obstacles and move toward their goals. 

Once I have the course put together I will be looking for some beta-testers for the program, but right now I am looking for some alpha-testers, to view, listen to or try out individual pieces of content and give me feedback on how well they to or don’t resonate with you.

I am having a very non-linear experience in putting this course together. I expect to be sending you one to four pieces – and emails – per week, for three to six weeks. And my request, if you sign up, is that you will try out at least one piece per week and send me some feedback.

So if you have enough time and that sounds intriguing to you, and you don’t mind getting the emails, you can join my alpha-testing team by clicking on this button and signing up on the next page.

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