Practice 16: Belonging

Practice 16: Belonging
Notice what happens in your body and energy when you matter-of-factly state: “I am a person in this neighborhood/company/group/town/church/organization/family”
I am one of the people in this pod of people.
There are ways I am different.
There are ways other people are different.
Like it or not, I am one of the members of this group.
It’s ok for me to want to be a part of the group and want to feel like a part of the group.
It’s ok for me to recoil at the idea of being a part of the group.
It’s ok for me to feel like I want to hide, or that I want to be really visible and make a scene.
And in all of that, I am indeed one of the humans in this particular pod of humans.
And I’m not the only one who isn’t sure if, where or how they fit in.”

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