Stressed? Take a 22 minute break to let go

Happy Summer Solstice and Father’s Day!

Gratitude for all of the great fathering in our lives, and compassion for all of the pain and grief around lost fathers and fathers who were not there or were not able to really see us and support us.

First off, I’ve recorded a new meditation that is available on SoundCloud. Until now, all of the longer recordings included some sort of active engagement with emotion or nervous system activation. This one is a 22 minute guided process that’s just about relaxing, letting go, grounding, feeling supported, that sort of thing. You can find it right here. Enjoy!!

And if you do check it out, let me know how it goes!

Second, you are still welcome to join my team of alpha testers for the material that I’m creating for a self-guided weekend life-reboot retreat. Here’s the button do be part of the action on that front! If you don’t know what I’m talking about just click on this button to get the story. (Just clicking won’t sign you up, it takes you to the landing page where you will need to enter your email and do another click to get into that group.)

As always, thank you for your continued work on yourself and in the world.

Many Blessings!!

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