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Where I’ve Been

Hello, Friends and Fellow Travelers,
Oh, my goodness, life has been a wild ride!

I know that my Heroine’s Journey is mild compared to the journeys of many others. If your life is sending you all manner of curve balls and challenges, I encourage you to breathe deeply and remember Who You Are, feeling your roots into the Earth and into generations of ancestors as you pull up the courage, hope, guts, and gentleness to navigate the next phase of your path.

And if your life is proceeding smoothly enough, I hope that it remains smooth and sends you lovely gifts and surprises.

For me, I have been wrestling with moderate to severe fatigue and repeated bouts of Covid-19 for the past three years. I’ve had issues with fatigue since I was a teenager, but Long Covid made it much worse, and the fatigue and PEM (post-exertional malaise – look it up!) kept getting worse over time. The heavy metal chelation I wrote about in my last newsletter has absolutely helped and I’m continuing that protocol, but that alone was not sufficient to resolve this fatigue.

And then for the past few months, I have been engaging in a major reboot of my life.

I took a seven-week trip to New Mexico with my partner, slowing down, slowing down again, and then slowing down some more. Synchronistically, my long-term temporary tech job ended abruptly just a few days before the trip commenced. And based on the advice of a new holistic doctor, I started on some new supplement protocols at the same time.

All that added up to me having more room to breathe than I’ve had for years, and to some clear improvements in my level of energy. In the first few weeks after we returned to Maryland, I was able to do more than the absolute minimum to keep the house afloat. I made incremental progress in cleaning and organizing things that have been accumulating for months and years, objects and projects crying out for attention I just didn’t have the energy to give until now.

Then I got hit with what seems to be another acute viral infection so I’ve been slowed down for the past 2 weeks. And even on good days, I’m still tired and I still need to be careful because, with the PEM, if I exert too much – even if I feel good at the time – I then find myself crashing later that day or the following day and I’m not good for anything for most of a day.

Overall, it’s great progress and I am GRATEFUL and HOPEFUL right now.

Check me out for free on a 45 minute Zoom call

So, my Beloveds, what does all this mean to you?

First, I now have quite a few openings in my practice as a Transformational Somatic Trauma Healing Coach. To encourage people to check me out, I’m temporarily removing the nominal cost of a 45-minute Discovery Call over Zoom, so you or someone you know who struggles with challenging inner chaos can meet with me free of charge, now at least through January 31, 2024. To book the call for free, you can use this link.

Open seats for discount trauma coaching clients

Second, I have some open slots for clients at less than my normal minimum rate. These are reserved for people who realistically cannot afford to pay the minimum rate and who can’t get the support and witness they need through “regular” coaches or therapists. People who need my special superpowers of comfortably and gently holding complex trauma with deep understanding and with plenty of room for laughter and hope amid the storms. I will take up to 10 discount clients for four sessions each at a rate that you set, and I will be able to see some of these clients ongoing after the initial series.

New course coming soon!

Finally, I am excited that I am getting close to releasing my first online class, tentatively titled: “Resilient Rosalie’s Developmental Trauma Series: Navigating Your Global High Nervous System”. I’m planning on a 6 weekly 90 minute live class meetings with recorded video lectures, additional optional prework and optional partner or small group meetings in between.

What is a “Global High Nervous System”? In short, having a global high nervous system means a person can never fully settle. There is always activation running in the background. There is always stress. It may feel like the stress is due to specific circumstances but in fact, regardless of any change in circumstances, that background stress never goes away.
For a longer description of what a Global High Nervous System means, I invite you to read my one page article at this link.

What will the class offer?

I’ve lived in a global high nervous system for 64 years and my life is easier, more joyful, more spacious, and more rewarding now than it’s ever been before. Light social interactions are comfotable, not excruciating. I can enjoy fellow humans without feeling confused or embarrassed. I can relax and laugh and gently rest in my body. When I do feel shame, embarassment or panic, I know that those emotions are not telling me the truth and I’m able to not engage with those feelings (even if they won’t go away) and to remain connected with myself.

What are the insights, practices and tools that enable me to be comfortable where I used to so uncomfortable? That enable me to know that things are possible when it used to be that something in my body screamed that things were impossible, so loud I couldn’t resist? That enable me to have good humor rather than rigidity?

Those are the questions I’m asking myself, and I’m distilling the answers into lectures and exercises, as much as I can fit into a 6 week class. Here are some of the practices that I use and that I teach my clients to use.

Help me alpha test the new course?

I don’t yet know exactly how and how much each of the above practices will be included in the class content, as it is still under construction. Would you like to help with the construction? I’m looking to gather a group of 6-12 people to practice the exercises and the material to see how well it works and how long the activities take, and to get feedback on what is helpful and not.
I’m planning to hold hour-long sessions on some Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Wednesdays over the coming 3-6 weeks, within the window of 2-5 PM Eastern Time.
If you would be interested in being a part of this, please reply to this email and let me know. Many thanks!

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