Priorities and Choices

Somatic Personal Practice

Priorities and Choices

It’s ok to have priorities. It’s ok to get really clear on what your priorities are and how they relate to each other. That is, it’s ok to make clarifying your priorities a priority.

It’s ok to make decisions based on your clarified priorities, even if that means not reflexively saying “Yes” to an opportunity to be helpful and generous, even if following that opportunity would be satisfying and nourishing to you.

It’s ok to notice that you have a need or desire to change your priorities, and to get clear on how they are changing.

Of course, it is also ok to say “Yes” to something that does not fit into your priority infrastructure, perhaps due to a knowing or an intuition that following that opportunity is an aligned choice.

And it’s ok to withdraw a “Yes” if you realize that something is not a good direction for you, taking into account the consequences of that withdrawal.

There is something in me that doesn’t want me to get clear on my priorities. That is so interesting to notice. And it doesn’t want me to thoughtfully or intuitively evaluate opportunities to be generous in light of my priorities. It’s like there’s a sense of fog around the whole topic. I’m really curious to peer into that and see what I can uncover.

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