Plan, Start, Keep Going!

Plan, Start, Keep Going!
Clarify and set your most important intention(s).
(For example, to love and forgive myself)
Make a specific and simple plan to support your intention.
(Five to ten times per day for a week, I will put my hand on my heart, breathe, soften, drop my shoulders and say, “I love me and I forgive myself”)
Make a backup plan for when something goes wrong.
(I will put reminders in my calendar and put up sticky notes.)
Start following your plan.

When you inevitably find yourself off the track:

Do not:

  • Analyze how you got here
  • Criticize or judge yourself
  • Assume or declare that you have failed


  • Remember your intention and why it was important to you
  • Return to the plan and/or
  • Go to the back up plan
  • Keep going

The temptation to analyze or judge is an insidious distraction.
You can analyze after the time period has ended.

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