Five Practices

I’m slowing down.

I’m affectionately bringing to mind the kindness and compassion of my guru, inviting myself to soften, receive, and enjoy the unconditional universal love that he both offers and represents.

As I make that invitation, I gently notice the various ways my body wants to clench up or change the subject, the impulse to turn away from softening.

I’m acknowledging that there is a lot of distressing emotion still hidden in this body, broadcasting danger, alert, and the perceived need for intense self-protection.

I’m inviting my body, even though it FEELS like it is under duress, to “BREATHE ANYWAY,” I’m wanting to gently counter the inherent impulse to keep my breathing shallow by locating an organic impulse to breathe (rather than overriding and forcing a breath).

I’m looking around, listening, even touching the things around me, pausing with whatever I encounter that is pleasant.

Remaining with the intention to slow down, opening to wonder, joy, delight.

Slow down.

Connect with the sacred.

Acknowledge the hidden distress.

Invite the body to “breathe anyway.”

Notice, savor, enjoy.

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