I’m willing to acknowledge that the events of my early life were more difficult and painful than I’ve let myself know or feel.

And I’m not in a hurry to feel all that fear and pain right now.

I respect my body moving slowly, bit by bit feeling, knowing, sensing, remembering, integrating. Taking plenty of time to connect with each thing that arises in this body wanting to be seen and felt.

What I do want now is to soften around the whole thing. I don’t have to defend or explain myself. Or my parents. Or my story.

It’s ok that I am who I am. It’s ok that I am how I am.

It’s ok that it has taken a long time to unravel my emotions,

my body, and my story to get to this point. It’s ok that it will take more time to get to the level of freedom I’m looking for.

I am grateful for the progress, for more breath, less constriction, more permission to be me.

I invite my body right now to soften into that. And that softening, in each moment, is a movement toward that freedom.

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