Free Trauma Healing Resources

The resources listed on this page are recordings I’ve made that are intended to support the healing of developmental trauma and to support stabilization and connection to resources.

I have them listed in groups of recordings that have a similar use or intention

I hope that you find these recordings helpful and I welcome your feedback!

Grounding and Stabilizing

Here are a few processes that are relatively short and are focused on just grounding, getting present, stabilizing and the like:

I know I need more similar recordings including some that are longer, that provide a deeper avenue to just being present and safe without doing some sort of emotional labor first.

Doing the Emotional Work

Here are the tracks that include the emotional labor, with stabilization and grounding before, during and after and with integration of the work.

Working less deeply with emotion and the nervous system

These tracks are sort of in between. There is no deep dive into intense emotion but there is some contact with activation.

Learning to move from activation to calm

Inquiries into what’s happening with my nervous system and life force.

And these two tracks are inquiries. They could be neutral or they could evoke some activation, depending on your system.

Finding your sovereignty

Settling without suppressing

And this track is for if you are already stirred up, this can help manage the arousal without muting your life force energy in the process: