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The world right now is full of challenges.

Even before our lives were turned upside down and inside out by the SARS-CoVID-2 virus, the culture we live in has been loaded with stressors and many of us have been struggling just to find some semblance of balance.

Yet even in chaotic and uncertain circumstances, feeling good in our lives and our bodies is possible.

My vision is a world where every person can feel grounded, supported, and alive in a good way, and I believe that world is possible. Here’s why:

The past few decades have brought waves of new understanding about how the accumulated effects of stress and trauma derail our nervous systems, prohibit feelings of safety and serenity in our relationships, prevent the healthy flow of emotions, and interfere with the basic physical functioning of our bodies. We’ve learned a lot about how our bodies, minds and lives end up getting really messed up by stress and/or trauma

In addition, recent decades have produced insights into how we can reprogram ourselves for sweeter relationship experiences and how we can escape chronic anxiety, vigilance, or freak-out; that is, we have learned ways to resolve the symptoms of past trauma and/or chronic stress. We’ve learned a lot about how we can fix ourselves.

The keys to a new and resilient experience of your life are right here in your body. All you have to do is to allow the flow of your organic passion for life, that I believe is present in the core of every person, and to allow all of the blocked emotional material and stressful memories to unlock and just be what they are.

Ha, ha, ha!
Yes, that’s “all” we have to do!

If you have found your way to this site, you have likely already been working hard, trying to do just that, to FEEL, to BE, to just be YOURSELF and be OK.

To get there, we “just” have to find the way around and through all of the fabulous unconscious protective mechanisms that each of us has constructed to shield ourselves from the direct experience of unbearable pain or stress.
It’s sort of a grand computer game challenge, except the setting is of the game is me and my body, thoughts, feelings and patterns.

I’m an expert on pain and protection because I’ve been living with significant stress and trauma throughout my life. And thankfully over the years I have learned powerful tools for trauma resolution and personal transformation including Voice Dialogue, ShadowWork(r), and Integrative Transformational Coaching.

I am currently an advanced student of Somatic Experiencing, also studying Integrative Somatic Psychology.

If you would like a taste of what it would be like to work with me, or if you would like more information, please click on “Work With Me” above, and schedule a free 25 minute conversation.